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WASHINGTON – During a special ceremony at the US Chamber of Commerce on February 12, Safran and General Electric Company (GE) marked the signing of the historic partnership agreement that formed CFM International in 1974. The event launches a nearly year-long celebration that will culminate on September 24, 2014 – the 40th anniversary of the world’s most successful international joint venture.

In 2008, the companies renewed the partnership agreement to the year 2040. The original framework agreement was signed in 1974, creating CFM International as a 50/50 joint venture between the two aircraft engine manufacturers. It was a decision that would redefine international cooperation and help change the course of commercial aviation. The two companies had been involved in a co-production agreement on GE’s CF6 engine family since 1968 and, thus, had already worked very successfully together.
The first CFM-powered aircraft, a DC-8 Super 70, entered commercial service on April 24, 1982 with Delta Air Lines. Today, CFM is the preferred supplier of commercial aircraft engines with a product line that serves as the industry benchmark for efficiency, reliability, and low overall cost of ownership.
More than 26,000 CFM56 engines powering 30 different aircraft applications have been delivered to date to more than 530 operators around the globe.
The CFM56 fleet in service has logged 700 million flight hours in service powering more than 11,000 commercial and military aircraft worldwide as the most reliable engines in the air.

Source: CFM International
Source Date: February 12, 2014