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It’s here – our new FHD machine has been delivered and is being installed this week.

This is a great addition to the ELE machining capability and increases our capacity to support cooling hole production in Turbine Airfoil, Nozzle Guide Vanes, Seal segments, Platform cooling and more.


Key features for the Fifth Generation FHD machine:

  • Hole diameters 0.25mm to 10mm – with depth up to 200mm
  • Shaped hole and fantail configuration.
  • Part probing, Six-point nest – tailored manufacturing to original casting points.
  • Pre-Break through detection / Break through detection – eliminating back wall strike
  • Additional ablative laser for drill through TBC and enhanced shaped cooling
  • Quick Change Guide and electrode – more uptime for machining.


Have you got a project that you think could benefit from FHD?

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