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ELE Advanced Technologies are manufacturing the blades  for the Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines.

Full details of the Alstom project in the Urals are covered below in the Alstom press release.

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Alstom reaches key milestone at Nizhneturinskaya power plant, part of the largest investment project of IES-Holding in the Urals

Alstom is starting erection and commissioning supervision for the first of its GT13E2 gas turbines that the company will deliver to Nizhneturinskaya power plant, the largest investment project of IES-Holding in the Urals (Russia).

The project provides for construction of 2 combined-cycle plants, with a total capacity of 460 MW, with commissioning of power generating units scheduled for December 31, 2015. The total project is worth over €450 million (20 bln Roubles).

Once implemented, the project will help improve power supply, reduce energy cost and offer new opportunities for the development of Nizhnyaya Tura and Lesnoy cities. Nizhneturinskaya power plant was commissioned in 1950 and became the first large power plant with high-pressure boilers in the Urals. Following renovation, the main equipment of this power plant that turned 63 last December will be decommissioned.

Andrey Lavrinenko, Vice President Global Power Sales for Russia and CIS, at Alstom, explained: “Alstom equipment that we are supplying for the IES-Holding projects has already made a good showing at gas-fired plants all over the world. The GT13E2 is one of Alstom’s largest equipment fleets, and has already achieved more than 10 million operating hours, which is yet more proof of its reliability. With this project, our leading technologies for gas-fired plants will foster development of Russian regions through power supply to communities and industrial facilities”.

This project is part of the frame agreement signed in 2011, between Alstom and Renova Group regarding the supply of five of Alstom’s GT13E2 gas turbines of 180 MW each for IES-Holding: for Nizhneturinskaya (2 turbines) and Novogorkovskaya (2 turbines) thermal power plants (TPP) and 1 turbine for Akademicheskaya TPP. Alstom has already supplied GT13E2 turbines with generators and auxiliary equipment to Novogorkovskaya TPP as part of its modernisation; their assembly is currently in progress. Modernisation of this power plant is to be completed by the end of this year. Alstom equipment will almost double (up to 575 MW) the electrical capacity of the plant, commissioned in 1956.

Alstom generator NozhneturinskayaFebruary 5, 2014 saw the ground breaking of Akademicheskaya TPP in Ekaterinburg, where Alstom will supply its GT13E2 gas turbine with a generator. The project provides for the construction of the most up-to-date combined-cycle thermal power plant based on the GT13E2 turbine on the new site adjacent to the existing boiler house of Akademenergo. The facility scheduled for commissioning in Q1 2016 will meet the demand in the Akademichesky district currently under construction in the south-western part of the city.

A total of 143 power generating units using GT13E2 turbine have been installed or ordered in the world so far. Moreover, Alstom GT13E2 turbines are already in use on the CIS market. The first turbine was commissioned in 2009 at Minskaya TPP-3 in Belarus. Since 2010, two more turbines have been put in operation at Razdanskaya and Erevanskaya TPPs in Armenia.