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ELE delivers high quality grinding processes that enable the manufacturing of complex machined parts for the aerospace sector and a range of other industries. Perfect precision in the production of large and small scale components is a key part of maintaining and improving the technological advances within a variety of sectors and encouraging engineers to seek innovation and produce more exact designs for manufacture.

The creep feed grinder is now one of the staples of industrial fabrication. It reduces the manufacturing cycle time by as much as 50% and provides an improved quality finish compared to other grinding tools and methods.

At ELE we have access to some of the latest, highly accurate, and efficient grinders that help deliver a technologically superior product for all our clients, whether they are in the aerospace industry, the gas turbine sector, or other commercial and industrial ventures. Creep feed grinders are characterised by the ability to remove large amounts of material at speed during manufacture. It does this by decreasing the feed rate as it moves deeper into the metal and can achieve a cut with fewer passes than other grinding processes. It is particularly suited to deep and more intricate shapes, particularly those found in turbines and aero blades and components.

The Benefits of Creep Feed Grinding

  • It can produce highly accurate profile forms on a range of materials.
  • It can work with hardened or soft materials, producing cuts often in a single pass and usually within a few minutes.
  • The use of diamond dressers on our creep feed grinders allows its use in the generation of complex geometric forms.
  • Because it uses fewer passes, creep feed grinding puts less stress on the material reducing the risk of fatigue.
  • It can be used to create a variety of intricate cuts in multiple materials.
  • It is highly efficient and produces a superior surface finish.
  • It also has the benefit of efficient working on heat treated materials.

Types of Creep Feed Grinder

At ELE we use both single wheel and dual wheel creep feed grinders operated by skilled engineers. Creep feed grinding is a highly accurate process that removes all the problems that occur with standard grinding, milling and broaching processes. It is therefore ideal for sophisticated manufacturing techniques where accuracy and an exceptional surface finish are paramount. Not only is it ideal for handling materials such as titanium and Inconel, particularly where you need a low heat inducing solution to protect the integrity of the product & process, it provides a finish that requires minimal deburring afterwards. That means the manufacturing process time is reduced and the product delivered is of a high quality and suitable for sectors such as aerospace and turbine development.

The speed and accuracy of our creep feed grinders make them important for the manufacture of a number of industry wide machined product. They come with added benefits of excellent process capability and repeatability, and extended wheel life, as well as cost saving measures during the manufacturing cycle that makes them the perfect, cost effective solution for many engineering tasks.

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At ELE we combine a range of manufacturing technologies to deliver the best outcome for each of our clients.

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