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ELE have recently installed a 5 axis Fast Hole Drilling (FHD) machine.

In simple terms, it is an Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) that has a rotating head.

Fast Hole Drilling - ELE“It really has been a revelation when compared to conventional EDM” Peter Palij, Commercial Director

We are using it on Nozzle Guide Vanes (NGV) and HP Turbine Blades both for Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) applications.


This is a really versatile machine capable of drilling at speeds of between 7mm per min to over 40 mm per min, depending on the hole diameters. The range of hole diameters is from 0.25-10mm.

Plus, it will also create fan tail and conical holes, at the entry point, for better diffusion of air flow (very clever trick).

All this and it only uses deionised water – very environmentally friendly.


Because of its versatility it can get into some difficult areas on the complex parts that the demanding designers are in need of.

One of the projects we are currently working on is a complex NGV product for the IGT market and the results really look great. Airflow performance is exactly where we need it to be and we continue to work closely with our customer to improve the design from our positive feedback.

We are now bidding on a potentially very attractive contract to supply film cooing holes for an Aerospace application and have a high level of confidence in securing it – thanks to our expertise and this great machine.