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A specialist in applying unique manufacturing techniques to make complex components for the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, and commercial diesel markets, ELE Advanced Technologies is planning on increasing its
production capacity to accommodate expected growth in demand

Managing Director, Manesh Pandya, gives an account of the type of components ELE makes. “Within aerospace and IGT, we provide turbine blades, seal segments and nozzle guide vanes. Then, on the turbochargers side, we make turbocharger parts primarily for commercial and high-performance vehicles.

”With its financial year coming to an end, ELE is expecting further growth in revenue, following the 12 per cent growth reported in April 2018. For Manesh, the particularly good news is that the company has enjoyed a strong performance in all three sectors it is present in. He discusses: “We won new contracts in aerospace, IGT, and turbochargers. We are particularly pleased with the new market share we have secured given that the market for new gas turbines is currently soft.

“I still think we will see plenty of opportunities in all our markets,” Manesh predicts. “To begin with, the long-term prognosis is that power generated from gas turbines will grow as circa 30 per cent of energy needs, globally, will be met by gas at least until 2040. This will be so simply because the peaks and drops in demand are best catered for by gas turbines, as they are the least polluting of the fossil fuels.”

This is an extract from a profile on ELE by Manufacturing Today Europe – this is a link to the full article

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