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Viper Grinding: The Future of Manufacturing

Introducing flexibility into the manufacturing process that helps improve performance and reduces costs is key to success nowadays. Searching out the best technology and combining this with highly skilled teams of design engineers and operators lies at the heart of everything that ELE stands for.

Viper grinding technology enables engineers to create more intelligent designs by delivering a grinding tool that can be used on multiple axes, cutting the time spent on changing to different settings, substantially reducing manufacturing time and delivering a high degree of accuracy for more complex machine parts. One area where we differ from our competitors is with the introduction of one of the largest viper grinding machine currently available.

Viper stands for Very Impressive Performance Extreme Removal and the acronym suits this technology perfectly. The process has been around for a few years now and replaced older, less effective manufacturing practices. It was originally developed by Rolls Royce Aerospace to help make compressor and turbine blades as well as engine parts to high degrees of accuracy and complexity. It was an immediate success when brought onto the market, a machine which greatly reduced lead times and brought excellent benefits to the manufacturing process as it behaved less like a conventional grinding machine with a wheel that generally ground over the part, the new viper concept was having the wheel moving around the part, more like a multi axis milling machine.

These benefits include:

The process of grinding is now more efficient and has high levels of consistency allowing for factory processes that deliver high precision finishing across different parts with significantly reduced set up times.
There is less thermal damage to components, because of the unique way that the Viper grinder takes smaller cuts at rapid speed with very high coolant pressures, pressures that are so high in fact that they actually impregnate the grinding wheel with coolant during the manufacturing process.
Viper grinding can be easily incorporated with other processes such as milling or drilling within the machine due to its integral carousel, offering greater flexibility to the whole manufacturing cycle and finished parts can be completed in a single set up in some cases. All which helps toward cost, set up and lead-time reduction to the customer
5-axis viper grinding machines work with some of the hardest materials in the manufacturing process including nickel based super alloys, making it ideal for sectors such as aerospace where integrity and safety are so important.
Speed is also part of the benefits with viper grinding – it delivers up to 5 times normal grinding performance.
The true benefit of viper grinding is that it allows engineers and machinists to produce machined parts and turbines with a much great degree of accuracy. This in turn allows developers to create more exact design criteria, improving tolerances something that is needed for safety critical parts within the aerospace, gas and automotive industries.

How can we help you?

Advanced technology lies at the heart of everything ELE delivers. With a highly skilled workforce we maintain our position at the forefront of technology, advanced by continually investing in our manufacturing processes and “making things possible” for our customers.

This gives us the ability to produce high quality, complex components for both for large and smaller scaled products to exacting specifications for our clients. Something we do by using latest technology such as the viper grinders to make turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, seal segments along with other related hot gas path products. If you want speed, efficiency and reliability to a high standard, then viper grinding from ELE is the perfect solution.

At ELE we combine a range of manufacturing technologies to deliver the best outcome for each of our clients.

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