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ELE aerospace supplier


If your products have complex machined components, we have the set-up to deliver them. When you need advanced technical expertise to meet a precision engineering challenge, our teams will excel in presenting you with a range of solutions.

Aerospace market


Faced with rising fuel costs, aerospace companies are increasing looking at ways to improve engine performance and efficiency.  We understand the complexity of modern engine builds in this sector and work hard to deliver a range of bespoke aerospace components, from large runs to small bespoke batches, whatever the shape, volume or complexity.

Power Generation market

Power Generation

We know that reliability and performance are of paramount importance to the IGT sector, where components work at high temperatures and in extreme environments. We’ve invested in the latest equipment in STEM drilling and 5-axis machining so that we can deliver high-quality components to the most demanding specifications.

Commercial Diesel market

Commercial Diesel

Automotive companies are under increasing pressure to drive efficiency on the back of rising fuel costs and the need to reduce emissions.  Our advanced design capability and flexible machining processes enables us to meet the demands of OEM’s looking for that extra edge in the performance of their turbocharger components.

We love a challenge!

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