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Multi Axis Milling

The Technology

Multi-axis Milling allows ELE to produce complex machining geometry, with tight tolerance control, in a single set up. Radial features and compound surfaces are just some of the features produced using the latest, state of the art, cutting tools that enables ELE to adopt high metal removal rate techniques, in tough to machine material, such as nickel based alloys, whilst maintaining high accuracy on critical components. The multi-axis set up creates flexibility in ELE’s approach to machining in cellular based manufacturing. 

ELE options for drilling holes

  • Stem Drilling – for holes in material greater than 15mm/19/32” thick and up to 600mm/24” deep. Can also accommodate blind holes.
  • Laser Drilling – for holes greater than 0.3mm/0.012” diameter in material less than 15mm/19/32” thick and capable of drilling thousands of holes in a single component.
  • Fast Hole Drilling – for holes greater than 0.3mm/0.012” diameter and up to 100mm/4” deep can also accommodate blind holes
  • Capillary Drilling - for precise holes smaller than 0.3mm/0.0012” diameter

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