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ELE advanced technologies


We combine industry-leading technology with exceptional engineers to produce high-integrity, complex components in both large-scale and small batch production.  That means that whatever your requirement, and however challenging it may seem, we can deliver for you.

If you think you’d benefit from accessing our expertise to support your requirements, we provide a more comprehensive solution from design collaboration through to entire project management.


We have a highly-skilled team of manufacturing engineers who use their specialist knowledge and industry-leading software to create high-specification drawings based on your requirements.  These 2D and 3D designs can be shared with your own teams to verify the product capability as well as used to help evolve product design.

3D printing

To make sure we get it right first time and minimise your manufacturing costs, we’ll undertake a pre-production workshop to analyse your designs for ease of manufacture.  To bring your designs to life, we use the very latest 3D printing technology to produce rapid prototype components so that we can work with you to inspect and interrogate your parts before the production process begins.

Project management

Our team is on hand to manage your entire project from paper to finished part, coordinating the supply chain and the internal processes for on-time delivery of your precision-engineered components.


Whatever the challenge and complexity of your requirements, our technical engineers can work with you to find a solution.  From re-engineering our own processes, developing 3D prototypes and adopting disruptive manufacturing techniques as standard, we ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of our industry so that you don’t have to.

We love a challenge!

When you need help with a project or just need some advice from one of our technical team - hit the button