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ELE Technology


It its our combination of engineering excellence and class-leading technology that ensures we can deliver to even the most demanding or complex of client briefs.

We have invested heavily in some of the most advanced technology currently available.  This is supported by highly specialist and robust processes designed to make the most of the capability of our equipment, ensuring our components are manufactured to an exceptional standard of quality in a competitive time frame.

To stay at the very cutting edge of manufacturing, we are committed to the continuous development of our teams, from our engineers through to the staff who support them.  This ensures that whether we are working to enhance the performance of your products, or simply provide a cost-effective manufacturing to a product specification, you know that you are getting the very best service from us.

Viper & Creep Feed Grinding

ELE has the largest viper grinding machine currently in the market, one of only seven worldwide.

EDM & Fast Hole Drilling

These machining processes enables ELE to produce slots, holes and desired complex shapes

STEM Drilling

S.T.E.M. is an acid electrolytic drilling technique for making long deep precision holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals.

Capillary Drilling

This is an acid electrolytic drilling technique for drilling small holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals

Laser Drilling

ELE have two large capacity 5 axis machines capable of handling components up to 1metre in size.

Multi Axis Milling

Multi-axis Milling allows ELE to produce complex machining geometry, with tight tolerance control, in a single set up. 

We love a challenge!

When you need help with a project or just need some advice from one of our technical team - hit the button